Dear HMS parents and caregivers,

As September 1, 2021 gets closer, the energy in the building is starting to change. The enthusiasm and joy are growing as we are preparing to welcome all HMS students back in person for our first day of school!  While we may still be feeling the impact of the pandemic, we are celebrating our ability to be a full school community again. In this update, you will find information about the following topics:

  • New playground equipment

  • HMS Learning Philosophy

  • HMS Student Handbook 

  • Health and Safety Procedures

  • Powerschool Access and Use

  • Cell Phone Policy

  • Pedestrian and Bike Safety

  • YSD App

HMS Update #3 will be sent on September 10, 2021. Please continue to reach out with any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!

With gratitude,

Mandy Lewis and Tom McDowell

HMS Administrative Team


New playground equipment

We want to send a huge “thank you” to our PTO and Yarmouth families! Thanks to their efforts, HMS has three new structures on our playground. Pictured here you will find the largest of the new structures with HMS administrators celebrating their climb to the top!


Learning Philosophy

On the HMS website, we share with you an overview of our school, our support of the Yarmouth School Department mission and strategic plan, and our grade level structures. At the foundation of all learning practices at HMS rests our beliefs around middle level students and brain development. It is a time to explore, a time to learn about themselves as learners, and a time to gain independence with appropriate support!


HMS Student Handbook

The HMS Student Handbook is linked here. Students will review parts of this handbook with their teachers over the course of the fall. As you prepare for the start of school with your student, it may be helpful to to take a look at the following sections: Our School Community Standards, Students’ Responsibilities, and Dress Code.


Health and Safety Procedures

HMS will employ all health and safety procedures articulated by the reopening plan, including encouraging students to hand wash/sanitize their hands frequently, keep three feet of spacing wherever possible, enjoy mask breaks outdoors, and encourage pooled testing (when it becomes available in September). Students will be enjoying recess by grade level and will have assigned seats at lunch. Visitors will be limited to maintain a safe and healthy school community.


Powerschool Access and Use

Powerschool is used to keep student attendance, share student schedules, provide student contact information, and record student’s academic progress. There is a helpful guide on our website that provides information regarding Powerschool access (linked here). For fifth graders, information will be provided as part of our Open House in September.


Cell Phones

Students who bring cellphones to school will need to keep them in their backpacks, lockers, or computer bags between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:45 PM. Cell phones may not be on or in use during this time. There is a phone available in the main office if students need to call home during the school day. This phone will be cleaned regularly throughout the day (before and after students use it). This procedure supports a safe and conducive environment for all students, and it also helps students be present and engaged while at HMS!


Pedestrian and Bike Safety

Many students and staff at HMS walk and bike to and from school. As the return to school approaches, it is a helpful time to review safety information. For pedestrians, HMS is accessible by sidewalks from both the Hillside entrance and the McCartney street entrance. Pedestrians should use crosswalks to move across roads. For our bikers, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine provides the following information:

  • Wear a helmet

  • Ride straight - no surprises or quick turns

  • If riding on the road, ride with the traffic

  • Use hand signals for turning

  • Always obey traffic signals and stop signs

  • Be mindful of pedestrians


YSD App (shared in a message from Superintendent Dolloff)

Download the Yarmouth School Department app and get as much or as little information as you’d like sent directly to your mobile device!  Simply go to the app store on your device and search for “Yarmouth School Department.” You’ll find a Yarmouth blue logo with our Clipper Ship, ready to be downloaded for free.


If you are reading this on your Apple smartphone, you may download the app here:


If you are reading this on your Android smartphone, you may download the app here:


Once you download the app, click “settings'' and choose the schools from which you would like to receive notices.  For district-wide closures, cancelations, and updates, be sure to select “Yarmouth School Department.”  You can choose as many or as few schools as you’d like, turn on “notifications” and our live feed will start sending things your way. 


You can also follow us on twitter @YarmouthSchools to get up-to-the minute information on district-wide events and notifications.