January 7, 2021

Dear HMS Families,

The PTO is excited to announce the upcoming “HMS support-your-school event!” 
Last year’s Glow Run was extremely successful. This year, hybrid and fully remote students can run/walk OR dance virtually to support our school. 
Why a fundraiser? Simply put - to help fund enrichments for the school. This fundraiser also encourages students to move and play and helps build community by having students and families work together to support their school. 
When? The event kicks off Friday, January 15. Students begin to gather pledges, for any dollar amount, until the day of the virtual run, walk or dance on Wednesday, January 27. 
How does it work? 
Pledging: Students collect pledges to walk/run or dance. Pledges will be online, since restrictions will make it difficult to collect paper pledges and funds. Pledges can be (1) a dollar amount per lap/minute or (2) a flat dollar amount. Students are encouraged to walk/run/dance for 35 minutes. If you choose to donate per lap/minute, your dollar amount will be multiplied by 35 laps/minutes. So if you choose to donate $1 per lap/min, your total donation will be $35; $2 per lap/min = $70, etc. Our kickoff is Friday, January 15, but if you’d like to get started now, go to Funrun.com. Instructions are provided here.
Wednesday, January 27 - Event Day: Students will be given a link which will allow them to select the run/walk or dance option. Students who chose to walk or run will be provided with a 35-minute soundtrack, which they can listen to around the neighborhood, trails, or even a treadmill. Students who prefer to dance can dance along to a guided video complete with music, Just Dance games, fitness dance moves, and more. 
Want more reasons to support HMS? (1) Students can earn playground equipment for their grade level as well as individual incentives (given to every student by grade level) that they can use at home during this more socially distanced time. Students can also receive class incentives such as extra recess, free choice time, etc. Students who collect 10 pledges can silly string a teacher (masked and socially distanced, of course)! Those who collect 12 pledges can silly string an administrator (same health and safety protocols)! Fully remote students can also silly string safely outside the front of the school or at home - we’ll provide the silly string and the silly stringee! (2) Boosterthon, the company running this event, has donated $100,000 to Children’s Miracle Network each of the past two years and plans to match that number this year. 
*** AMAZING NEWS! An HMS parent has offered to match dollar for dollar the amount that students raise! As is the case with all PTO fundraising, the money raised for this event will go toward the general budget shared with all K-8 grade levels. And 100% of the amount the anonymous donor matches will go toward building a much-needed HMS playground! Let’s walk, run and dance our way to enrichments and a new playground! ***
Questions? Send an email to Christy and Jessica at yarmouthpto04096@gmail.com. We will respond the same day. Thank you parents and guardians for your time and support!