Rotary Recognition: Congratulations to Kadin Davoren and Sam Lowenstein!

Congratulations and best wishes to Kadin Davoren and Sam Lowenstein, December’s recipients of the HMS/Rotary Student Recognition award! The Unified Arts Team chose Kadin for this recognition and the 6th Grade team chose Sam. This recognition is based on growth mindset and the effort/grit/perseverance demonstrated by HMS students. Kadin and Sam will be honored at the morning rotary meeting on December 18, at the Town Hall Community Room.

The Unified Arts team shared that Kadin is an excellent student and a great role model for her peers. She is always kind to the other students in all settings and she’s very polite to adults. The team appreciates her smile and her positive attitude. Kadin provides outstanding leadership to her classmates during group work and projects-we feel very fortunate to have her with us at HMS! 

Kadin Davoren receives Rotary Award

Sam’s teachers note that he is a positive and impactful leader by example in the classroom. He is a courageous learner, taking productive risks during class activities and independent work, and using these assignments as opportunities to grow. Sam even learned to write with his opposite hand after breaking his wrist! Sam is continually happy and rocking a positive attitude. He helps others to do the same!

Sam Lowenstein receives the Rotary Award