Maine Biotechnology Day

Thanks to Morgan Cuthbert for filling us in on Maine Biotechnology Day and presenter, Jay Palmer's visit to our school:

Jay Palmer, CEO of Clear H2O, joined the 7th grade science classes on November 8th, for a Maine Biotechnology Day presentation. Maine Biotechnology Day provides opportunities, state-wide, for individuals working in the life science industry to visit middle schools in Maine. The goal of this program is to inspire future scientists by sharing career stories, promoting science as a subject and showing students that bioscience companies in Maine are engaging places to pursue a variety of careers. 

Mr. Palmer shared the hydration packets he created, which are used in the transport and treatment of sick animals. Students were able to create their own gel droplets by mixing calcium and alginate.  Mr. Palmer also discussed the importance of creativity and problem solving around issues that arise in  everyday life. We thank both Clear H2O and Bioscience Maine for this opportunity!

Mr. Palmer with our 7th Grade Students