October Menu

Breakfast and lunch is free for kids everyday! Please contact us for information about getting meals for remote learning days or weekends. 

Starting Monday, October 5th there will be changes to in-school breakfast and lunch. Breakfast will be "Grab n' Go" and can be picked up between 7:40 - 8:00 am and eaten in the classroom. Grade 5 and 6 students will be able to get meals from a breakfast cart station in their wing. Grade 7 and 8 will be able to get breakfast from the cafeteria. 

In-school lunch orders will be placed using a new online order form sent to student email each day.  If  lunch is brought from home and you would like to order a milk you will use this online form as well. Orders must be placed before 8:15 am and they will be delivered to the classroom at lunch time. Lunch is free for all students and starting Monday we will be bringing back hot lunch options!

 A printer friendly version of the menu can be found HERE