September 25, 2020

Dear Families,

If you have signed up to participate in the flu vaccine clinic on Saturday, October 3, here are the important details for that morning. If you have not yet signed up for the flu clinic but are still interested in coming, please contact your school nurse.

If the weather is favorable, this will be a drive thru flu clinic. We will use the bus circle in front of the Rowe School at 52 School Street, near Merrill Memorial Library. If the weather is not favorable, we will use the cafeteria/gym at Rowe School and have families line up, physically distanced, in the long hallway of the Rowe School. 

Please bring your completed flu permission form (attached) for each person in your family who will receive a flu vaccine.  There is no charge to your family for the flu vaccine but there will be a charge to your insurance provider, so the visiting nurses can not give you a flu vaccine if your form is not completely filled out, including insurance information. 

Our hope is to reduce wait times by dividing up families by the first letter of the last name. This will certainly be important if the weather is not good and we have to move inside. Please try to come at the recommended time:

A-F - Please come between 9am - 10am

G-M - Please come between 10am - 11am

N-Z - Please come between 11am - 12pm

Please be patient with us on the day. We will move people through as quickly as we can! 

Thank you, 

Jill Webber, Rowe -  (207) 846-3771

Alison Thomson, YES -  (207) 846-3391

Kristina Truesdale, HMS -  (207) 846-2499

Stacey Hang, YHS -  (207) 846-5535

Permission Form