June 17, 2020 

Dear Parents and Guardians of incoming 7th graders,  

We are sharing this information for your planning purposes. 

The state of Maine requires that parents provide a record of the following immunizations from a physician’s office with the child’s name and date of birth.  Each immunization entry must include the vaccine type, date administered, and the name of the provider.  

The required immunizations for students entering Kindergarten or transferring K-6 are:

- 5 doses of DTP/DT/DTaP (4 doses if the fourth dose is given after the 4th birthday)

- 4 doses of OPV/IPV (3 doses if the third dose is given after the 3rd birthday)

- 2 doses of MMR

- 1 dose of varicella or proof of immunity (history of chickenpox) 

The required immunizations for entering 7th grade are all of the above immunizations and:

- 1 additional dose of DTP/Tdap

- 1 dose of MCV4  

As the parent of an incoming 7th grader, please submit one of the following as soon as possible:

- An immunization record documenting all required immunizations, including 1 additional dose of DTP/Tdap and 1 dose of MCV4.

- A signed parent/guardian waiver form indicating your reason for exemption (philosophical, religious, or medical). A medical exemption must be signed by a doctor. The exemption form must be submitted annually. Immunization exemption form 

Please fax your child’s updated immunization record or a signed waiver to our Central Office at 207-846-2339. Due to construction, the fax machine at HMS is not in operation at this time. 

Following state law, an updated immunization record or a signed waiver is necessary for your 7th grader to attend school in September. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. 


Kristina Truesdale, RN, MSN - HMS