Dear HMS Parents/Guardians,
Please review the plan for you to return laptops in cases, chargers, all library books, classroom library books/school supplies, and athletic uniforms to HMS on June 15 and June 16.
*Please note that students participating in Extended Year Services (ESY) will keep laptops/cases/chargers for the summer.

Your children will receive an email from Tracy Weinrich about the books/items that need to be returned to the HMS library. Students can respond to Tracy if they know that they have a book in their lockers.

Drop Off Plan:

-Parents will drive around the circle at the front of HMS and pull up to the stop sign. We will provide a “curbside” procedure that follows social distancing protocols. Parents will drop items into labeled bins on the tables under each awning. Staff will be on site to move the line along and help with any questions.

-Unfortunately this is not a time for students to visit HMS due to the need for social distancing and the construction going on in and around the building; please have children stay in the car if they accompany you to school for this errand.

-The staff on site during the drop off hours will wear facemasks and maintain at least 6’ distance from others. 

-Parents returning these items to school must follow this same protocol - please wear face masks and maintain a distance of 6’ from others.

Drop off on Monday, June 15 from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Last names A - L 
Drop off on Tuesday, June 16 from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Last names M - Z
*If it doesn’t work for you to drop off these items on the day designated, please use the other drop off day.

Thank you for your support to ensure that this process runs safely and smoothly for all.

Joan Adler and Tom McDowell
HMS Administrative Team