April 17, 2020

Dear HMS Families, 

We are all feeling similar emotions of sadness and grief after learning that our schools will remain closed through June. Not being able to see each other in person and engage in our normal routines is such a loss, and it takes a toll as we navigate this situation one day at a time.  

We also have wonderful examples and experiences of kindness, humor, and discovery, as we find new ways to stay connected. We are grateful to you and your children for your positive energy, which we hope you feel coming right back to you from HMS. 

Please share the following updates with your children, along with this message from us:    

Stay tuned for a video challenge that I will send to our students after the break : ). For now, please know that we miss you all very much, and we wish you and your families some downtime to play, laugh, and relax during the coming week (all preferably outside!).

Sending best wishes from our hearts to yours, 

Joan, Tom, and the HMS Staff

Updates from HMS:

 Kimberly Grover took this incredible photo of a sunrise, helping us to remember that the beauty of nature is there for us, right outside our doors, every day:

Congratulations and all best wishes to Charlotte Agell, who was presented (virtually) with the Maine Library Association’s Lupine Honor for her book Maybe Tomorrow! We are thrilled that Charlotte’s beautiful work is being recognized and honored in this way! Charlotte Agell:

Heather Boutin and the first grade teachers at YES reached out to us about the “rainbow hunt” activity. The 8th grade students and teachers (and many others!) took up the challenge! Check out this video for the lovely results, which make it possible for children to enjoy rainbow hunts all around Yarmouth. : ) 

Merry Stuhr worked for many hours to complete the quilt that HMS students created as part of the 25 Million Stitches project. This project focuses on raising awareness about the global refugee crisis. Our thanks to Merry and Justine Carlisle for their work on this
meaningful collaboration:


A reminder about the strategies and supports available for students and families - Please read this Letter to HMS Families, written by Jess Townsend, in collaboration with Laura Mike, Michelle Napoli and Chelsea Beckett. 

HMS continues to change and grow in our absence!

The HMS Poem Booth is blooming with the onset of spring! Please explore the new garden of offerings HERE.
An update about recording lessons -  If educators are going to record an instructional session, they will let students know that they are planning to do so before the lesson begins. They will explain that students can opt out of the video and/or audio recording and watch the session once it is posted.
A quick word about laptops and repairs - Repairs on school-issued devices have increased due to liquid damage and overheating. Thanks for reminding your children to keep food and drinks away from their laptops at all times. It is also important not to use devices on soft surfaces like bed comforters, pillows, or blankets, especially when streaming videos in Hangouts, YouTube, etc. When laptops are used on these surfaces the vent at the back of the device gets blocked, and the device will overheat quickly. Please have your children put a hard object, like a book, under the laptop, if they have to use the device on a soft surface. 

Spring transition events - We will share information about these events as we finalize plans in the coming weeks.