March 13, 2020
Dear HMS Families-
I want to share information with you about our 5th and 6th grade students bringing their laptops to and from school each day, starting on Monday, March 16. We are making this decision as part of our planning process in case we need to move to remote learning for a period of time.
Please know that we are planning balanced instruction that will not include an overabundance of screen time. The laptops will be used as a tool for students to stay connected with their teachers. This will enable our educators to share instruction and lessons, and ensure that students are continuing to learn during this time. Students have no reason to use their laptops at home as schools remain open. They would only begin to use their laptops if we need to close the schools.
Please see the following laptop guidelines and expectations that support home use:
-Parent(s)/guardian(s) should have your student's login password in order to supervise usage at home. The students will share this information with you.
-The school issued laptop computer should be fully charged every night so they are available for classes the following day.
-If a student rides a bike to school with the school issued laptop it must be in a backpack or on a bike rack or basket and not hang from the handle bars.
-Parents and students should agree on where the laptop will be used in the home and have a conversation about the purpose of the laptop, which should be used exclusively for educational purposes and with adult supervision.
We understand that this is an unexpected change and we are grateful for your support and partnership.
Thanks very much-
Joan Adler and Tom McDowell
HMS Administrative Team