Dear HMS Families-

As Superintendent Dolloff mentioned in his update about the start of the renovation at HMS, our 5th grade students will not have access to the 5th grade playground beginning the Monday after the February break (Monday, February 24).

We will have an area available at the back of the school (outside of the art room) for 5th grade students who arrive at HMS before the school day begins and want to have a bit of time outside before their first class. Students will be able to engage in a few activities in that area, and will have access to the larger playground (outside of the gym) for the other recess opportunities during the day.

Students who arrive at school before classes begin and want to play outside should:

-come into the building using the front entrance.

-walk directly outside to the back of the school through the doors by the library.

-leave their backpacks in the space to the left of those doors.

Students will enter the school through the doors by the 6th grade wing when it's time for classes to begin. Teachers will remind 5th grade students about this before and after the break.

Thank you for checking in with your child to make sure she/he is aware of this change!

Joan Adler and Tom McDowell

HMS Administrative Team