Rod Corey

Meeting Times:

Intramurals are offered as an after-school activity for students in grades 6 through 8 from 2:55 to 4:15 PM in the middle school gym from September through May. There is no sign-up required. (Students may take the 4:20 PM Late Bus home). Check the calendar for cancellations.


The program is designed to attract any student interested in enjoyable and friendly games and sports. It will start about the third week of September. Mr. Corey is in charge of organizing events and games that match students' interests and abilities throughout the year for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Activities offered will be seasonal as determined by the weather. Fall & Spring will be conclusive to outside events while winter brings the activities indoors. Here is a list of some of the activities:

  • Indoor/ outdoor basketball

  • floor hockey

  • Indoor/outdoor soccer

  • crackerbarrel, jail ball, and other dodge ball games

  • soccer

  • capture the flag

  • wiffle ball

  • touch football

  • four square

  • wall ball

  • frisbee

  • jump rope

Who May Participate:

All students in grades 6-8.