Insider's Guide to the 5th Grade


Charlotte Agell

Meeting Times:

Fifth-grade writing club meets on selected Mondays during the regular language arts period.


The Harrison Middle School Survival Handbook is "written by 5th graders for future 5th graders." Members of the fifth-grade writing club (an in-school, open-to-all activity) provide the journalistic content, which features articles on everything from teachers to lunchroom protocol. We also seek illustrations of school-related topics. All content is provided by current fifth-grade students. Articles are written during the winter and spring, reviewed by peers and by the advisor. Copies are distributed to current fourth graders before the summer vacation.

Who May Participate:

5th Grade Students

Samples without graphics:

Writing Club By Emma Maierhofer

Writing Club is a special place where I feel I can let my imagination go while learning. Ms. Agell is our wonderful Writing Club teacher who has marvelous stories to share and helps people to think outside the box. Every year, the Writing Club produces a handbook for next year's fifth graders. In fact, you're reading it now! HMS also has a literary magazine, Legenda, produced by the 8th grade. I have submitted pieces of writing there and Ms. Agell has helped my writing to go above and beyond. I sent one poem to “Stone Soup”, a magazine. Writing club is not like a girl scouts or boy scouts sort of club because a lot of what you do is write back and forth in a booklet with Ms. Agell. She sparks your writing ideas and it's a lot of fun. All it takes to be in writing club is a little work and the willingness to make writing mistakes. Finally, writing club meetings happen monthly, but if you write regularly you get to go to Ms. Agell's room during school time. She is a real author who has published ten or eleven books!!!!! Look up one of her books in our library: Welcome Home or Someplace Like It. I hope you join writing club!!!

Playground By Emma Maierhofer

You probably have seen our tar playground at the end of the school building. If you did, I bet you thought BORING. But, that is only our lunch recess playground. Our “real” playground is at the other end of the building and reminds me of a gymnasium. We have lots of fun on the monkey bars, zippers, swings, and climbing bars. Other activities include tag, four corners, touch football, and four squares. The playground rules are simple and easy-to-follow: speak and act respectfully, no physical contact, no picking up sticks, no snowballs, and stay out of the woods. We have a fun time on the playground at HMS.

Mr. C By Matty Maierhofer

(Mr. Ciechomski)

Music is fun, but all the better with Mr. C there. Mr. C's personality lights up the room with excitement and creativity. Because of him, band is not only playing musical notes, but also FUN!!! He helps you understand music by funny gestures, special rewards and stories. For instance, as a special reward, sometimes he throws money at the band members-if you're lucky. In band we have been able to add a lot more instruments, like bassoon, barry sax, and even more percussion. Every day you start out with a B flat concert scale and then Mr. C will jumble it up. I think you will find Mr. C and band a great place to learn about music, being apart of a band, and having fun!

8th Grade Buddies by Katie Overhaug

Do you have any siblings? Well, 8th-grade buddies won’t be exactly like siblings, but they are nice. You will meet them once a month to do fun stuff. For example, you will probably get to create monsters on your 8th-grade buddy’s laptop. Girls will usually get partnered with a girl, and boys with boys. You’ll have fun with your buddy!