Destination Imagination


Lianne Mitchell

Meeting Times:

Each team sets its own schedule. They meet from one to two times per week. Teams are set up in the fall and run through early March. (Possibly into May depending on how the teams do in the competitions.)


Can young people be taught to think and act more creatively? Absolutely! Can they have fun while they learn? Positively! And that’s absolutely, positively why the Destination ImagiNation (DI) program is the world’s largest creative problem solving program for young people from kindergarten through college.

DI helps develop a unique and critical skill set by emphasizing: creativity…knowledge application…problem solving…collaboration…teamwork…generating & focusing tools…presentation skills…project management…confidence…time management…research skills…creative & critical thinking skills…improvisational skills…budgeting skills.

Teams are made up of 5 to 7 students. Each team will choose one of 6 challenges. Each challenge has a specific focus – science or technology, building, research, theatre, or community service. The end product usually entails a 6 to 8 minute skit that the students have written and directed based on the challenge they’ve chosen and research they’ve done. ALL of the work is done by the students, including building set pieces and making costumes – no help outside of the team members is allowed. (Adult volunteers supervise, but they cannot help with the challenge)

Teams also works on instant challenges. An instant challenge is meant to have the team think on their feet as they work together to solve a problem in 2 to 6 minutes. It may mean building a structure or writing a short skit – or both! These are practiced throughout the season and are a part of the competition.

Parents and students ~come learn more about how to join this exciting program!

Who May Participate:

Destination Imagination is open to all students, Grades 5-8.