Meeting Times:

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Cost $5.00

A 7th and 8th grade dance is a fun way for kids to spend time with friends and to listen to music. Kids request songs they would like to hear, and the DJ plays them. Dances last from 7:00 to 9:00 PM one Friday night, about once a month. Overall, it is a great way to see friends and listen to music. The dances are a school function that no upper classmen of Harrison Middle School should avoid. Every student appearing at the dance will be required to pay a five dollar entry fee, allowing HMS to support the school’s next dance. Attending these dances allows your child to experience the fun of socializing, meeting new people, and of course, dancing! With teacher chaperones supervising, the dances are always guaranteed to remain under control. Students are authorized to request a variety of songs to the D.J, allowing every student at the dance to hear various songs, of all different styles. It’s an excellent way for young adolescents’ to begin to build personal relationships with others, which is crucial to teens at this age. To add onto the exciting, edgy experience, each dance includes flashy, multicolored lights, a steam machine, and loud, clear speakers to project the music. If your son or daughter hasn’t yet experienced the fun of an H.M.S. seventh and eighth grade dance, please allow them to do so, it’s an opportunity you won’t want them to miss.

Dance Expectations:

  • Dances are for Frank H. Harrison Middle School students and Yarmouth student residents attending other schools. Students who live in Yarmouth and attend other schools must call the main office with their name and school name before attending a dance.

  • Students are expected to be at the dance when it begins [7:00 PM], unless prior permission by the administration has been given.

  • To keep students safe, they will stay until the dance is over and be picked up by an adult or adult designee. If a student needs to be picked up before the end of the dance, a parental note and administrative permission is needed. Please pick up your child(ren) at the correct time [9:00 PM]. Leaving the dance without permission will result in a loss of privilege of attending future dances.

  • There is no reason to bring a backpack or beverage to the dance. We ask that students remain in the dance area (cafe and lobby) for the evening. If they go outside the dance area, they will be asked to call home to have a parent pick them up early.

  • We expect students to be respectful and appropriate; all school rules apply. If they choose not to be respectful and appropriate, they will be asked to call home to have a parent pick them up.

Who May Participate:

7th and 8th grade students