Dear YHS Families,

 At last week’s school committee meeting, our district made the decision to move away from “Hybrid” learning and end the school year in a Green or “All-In” structure.  Starting on May 3, all students will have the option of attending school four days a week, and remote students will be able to continue to attend their classes online.

During today’s virtual assembly, administration shared a great deal of information with students regarding this change.  As this would result in a lengthy and perhaps overwhelming email, please see this link to view the presentation, as it contains a great deal of information regarding the next two months. 

 As we prepare for this transition, there is a significant schedule change next week, which is listed below for your convenience. 

Monday, April 12

BLUE Day for students; Cohort 1 (A-L) on campus 

Tuesday, April 13 

WHITE Day for students; Cohort 2 (M-Z) on campus; 

 ***All Juniors who have registered for the SAT exams will need to be on campus at 7:45; Juniors who are not taking the SAT exams are expected to report to their classes*** 

Wednesday, April 14 and Thursday, April 15 

Professional workshop days for all staff; no classes for students

Friday, April 16 

Start of Spring Break; no classes for students

Next week, our staff will prepare for the upcoming change to “All-In” learning on May 3.  This weekend, we would therefore ask that you discuss which option would be best for your student.  As the previous district wide survey was anonymous, and our teachers will need to have exact numbers to determine proper social distancing in classrooms, students will be completing a survey on Monday morning indicating if they will be remote, or if they will attend school 4 days a week.  

 Next, we would like to share information regarding upcoming community events.  

 Outdoor Athletic Events  - Spectators will be allowed at all athletic events at Yarmouth High School this spring, and will need to abide by the following guidelines that can be found at this link.  

Upcoming Events at Merrill Library  Please see this link for more information 

Webinar Series for Parents - For the next two months, Casco Bay Can would like to share a series of workshops and expert education for parents on youth substance use.  Learn more and register here. These webinars are FREE for participants. If you can’t attend “live,” click on the link here to view on-demand previously recorded sessions.

-- Friday, April 16, 2021 | Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D. – Smokescreen: What the Marijuana Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

-- Friday, April 23, 2021 | Brian Miller, MD, PhD, MPH  – Cannabis and Psychosis: How THC Can Induce Cognitive Impairment

-- Friday, May 28, 2021 | Dr Janni Leung  – Cannabis Use and Youth Development: The Latest Scientific Research

On behalf of the staff and YHS, we would like to end this note with a sincere thank you for your support as a community this year.  Not only have you demonstrated exceptional patience and understanding as we have redesigned education, you have also reinforced social distancing and safety protocols at home thus preventing significant disruptions to the school year.  

Thank you, and be well.


Eric Klein, Amy Bongard, and David Creech - YHS Administrative Team