Dear YES Families, 

What a fantastic start to the school year! It was so exciting to have all of our students together this week. We hope that your children came home feeling equally enthused about the year ahead. 

We are writing with a couple of quick notes to be aware of:

  • Arrival & Dismissal: As you know, we are using some new spaces in new ways, and inevitably that leads to some tweaking of plans as we learn from each experience. We appreciate your help and patience as we work around construction to make arrival and dismissal run as safely and efficiently as we can. Here are some adjustments that will help in both of those areas:
    •  When dropping off in the morning you do not have to wait for an adult on duty to let your child out. You also do not have to wait until you arrive directly in front of the school. As you pull up to the central office the double sidewalk begins on your right-hand side. If traffic stops there please have your child exit on the right and take the sidewalk to the entrance. From there you can pull into the left lane and exit if there are still cars unloading. Having your child "practice" exiting the back seat is a great idea! This will help make the morning drop-off run a bit more quickly.
    • At the end of the day for pick up, we will only be able to load four cars at a time. Once the addition is finished in January we will have a larger loading area but for now, this is the safest course of action. We appreciate your patience and support- and the efficiency will keep improving each day.
  • Bus Dropoff/Parent Presence: Yarmouth schools have always required that a parent be visible when dropping off elementary students after school by bus. For third and fourth-grade families we will drop students off without an adult present only if the parent provides a note to the school or driver indicating that the driver has permission to do so. 
  • Weather Preparedness: As noted in the opening newsletter, we are going to be in a tough spot keeping students in a covered area as they wait for the bus. This will be the case until January and the cafeteria wing is finished. Please remember to monitor the weather and send your kids with raingear if needed. We dodged a rainstorm on Thursday but we will get rain again at some point!
  • Custodial Help: Dr. Dolloff sent a note out to you this week sharing our need for custodial applicants. We are following that note up to encourage you in passing along this information to anyone that you know who might be interested in this opportunity. Interested applicants can contact our central office and connect with Bruce Bickford, our Director of Facilities. 

As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Ryan Gleason, Principal  & Molly Kilpatrick, Assistant Principal